In Search For A Father's Love

December 29, 2021, by Linda D. Cowels

In Search For A Father's love is a story of a young girl who never realized the love of a father. After being told that she was not his daughter at a young age, she found herself searching for that love that she never had, from all the wrong places. She endured much tribulations and troubles.

At last, she discovers her true and eternal father and then and only then, the search ends. This book will relate to young women who all their life desired affirmation from their father and is designed to lead them to the eternal father who will affirm and love them forever.

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The Rayne Project

February 26, 2020, by Lyna Lopez

Chaos plagued the world after the wars put the habitable zones under government rule, building genetically enhanced super-soldiers to fight the battle for them. Rayne’s found out that she’s one of these super-humans. Her semi-normal life got a little more complicated now that she’s on the run because Rayne’s not meant to be alive—let alone a super.

The only people that can help her are the rest of the fugitive super-soldiers on the move from the very government trying to annihilate them. Roman Braggart’s job is to find the fugitives and bring them back to the compound, dead or alive.

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A Journey of Faith To Transform Communities

December 29, 2022 by Linda Cowels

Many have felt a call to start a charitable nonprofit organization to assist their communities, but because of fear, never fulfilled that call. This book is written to help you overcome fear and step out in faith to see the realization of your dreams. From real-life experiences, I wish to spark your faith and catapult you towards your destiny.

It is my desire to encourage Christians to use their God- given talents and make a difference in their community. Are you up for the challenge? It will be challenging as you pursue starting a nonprofit, funding it, finding a building for it, and sustaining it.

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The Light That Broke Through:

My Redemption Story

February 10, 2023, by by Rosindah Singh

"Did Jesus really want me?"
This was the question I asked myself after an unforgettable encounter with Jesus on May 1st of 2017. I had just spent 20 years of my life questioning after being neglected, prostituted, actively going through a sexual addiction and drug abuse. "If there truly was a God who loved me, why would I have been allowed to face so much heartache, deception and defeat?"

I had received that answer the evening I had decided in my mind I was going to kill myself. The Lord met me where I was. I had been smoking with someone that was definitely helping aid in my path to destruction, but I didn't care. I had made up my mind at that point that I was going to end my life. The same exact person who I had been with invited me to church. I couldn't believe it, but for whatever crazy reason I said yes. 

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